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Most homeowners don’t notice their roofs until there’s a problem.

And why should they? Your home’s roof is designed to quietly protect your home, keeping you and your family in comfort no matter the weather.

But leaking, sagging, and missing shingles all can draw attention to the top of your home, and clue you in that something’s not quite right.

Even if kept in top condition, every roof has a limited life span. Eventually, it will need to be replaced.

Why trust your home’s roof to just anyone?

At Arch Exteriors, we have years of experience making quality roof replacements for home and business owners in Columbia, Maryland, and beyond.

Our team is highly trained, and all our work is backed by the best warranties in the business. That means, on the off chance that something does go wrong, you’re protected.

Many other roofing companies can’t say the same.

At Arch Exteriors, we offer you peace of mind knowing you’ve got the best in materials and installation. No more chasing down that contract when your roof springs a leak three months after installation, only to find out the repair isn’t covered; your investment in your home is protected with Arch Exteriors.


Our Roofing Installation Process

Over the years, we’ve figured out that, to create exceptional results, you have to follow a tried-and-true process that protects the rest of the home while adhering to the highest installation standards in the business.

When Arch Exteriors replaces your roof, we:

  • Install tarps to cover your home’s exterior and protect landscaping.
  • Remove all existing layers of roofing materials, right down to the roof decking. We then inspect your roof deck for damage that can be hidden.
  • Repair any roof deck damage, if we find it, before adding new material.
  • Conduct a ventilation balance audit to prevent moisture build-up, help your roof perform as it’s supposed to, and keep your energy costs low.
  • Install the Integrity Roof System, which includes waterproof underlayment, water-resistant underlayment, starter shingles, roof shingles, hip & ridge caps, and roof ventilation. Everything’s installed in a specific order for maximum performance and durability.
  • CertainTeed shingles, meaning you get the best products on the market.
  • Complete clean-up of the job site. We blow off your new roof, clean out your gutters, pick up all debris from our work, sweep your yard with a magnet to pick up nails, and haul away all debris.

Give your home lasting beauty and protection with a new roof from Arch Exteriors. Get a free quote today!


Storm Damage Repair in Columbia, MD

A surprise storm can cause untold damage to your home’s exterior. Shingles can crack, siding can get holes, and the glass in your windows can break.

If you don’t know what to look for, how can you be sure that the storm that just rolled through didn’t cause problems that could lead to expensive fixes later?

Call the experienced team at Arch Exteriors for a storm damage assessment!

We are skilled at knowing what to look for, often finding hidden damage that the homeowners never would have found before leaks, bugs, or other problems made their way indoors. Not only do we identify the damage, but we repair it quickly and efficiently, getting your life back to normal.

In our years in the industry, we’ve become practiced working with insurance companies through the claims process. This helps you get the maximum reimbursement for your repairs possible, leaving you to pay less out of pocket while still getting the damaged fixed.

Has there recently been hail, wind, ice, or other extreme weather in your neighborhood? Call Arch Exteriors today for a storm damage assessment!


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